Welcome to Jones' Kids Awana 2020 Virtual / Hands - On Awana Experience

Our Awana programs starts in September

Sunday Nights - 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm ( New Awana Schedule Coming Soon) 

Cost: $20 per child (Family Max - $50)

Age: 2 yrs - 6th grade

 Join us for our NEW 2020 Awana Year! Our Virtual/ Hands-On Awana Experience will include a special box filled with everything they will need to bring Awana home this year.  This box will be delivered to your door before our Awana begins. We will have a special Awana website designed to share each Awana night’s rotation. Your child will experience a virtual Opening, Book/Small Group Time, and Closing each week! They will also have special fun nights and game time fun each month!